It is a myth that equality exists, we still live in a world where the rich dominate and the poor suffer.

Every year “May Day” brings more painful memories of workers world-wide. Workers are injured, died, sacked, insulted and beaten in almost every corner of the world. According to the British campaigning journalist John Pilger, the suffering of one set of people rarely gets any coverage in the populous media. This is coined ‘slow news’. It is a know fact that business tycoons who own multinational companies and large business units have close links or partnerships with political clergies and military elite’s of the countries. From Europe to Latin America, and to Asia sufferings are mounting each passing day.The Rich is becoming richer; sadly the poor worker is battling for the basic needs of life. 

An increase of 260% of 1000 richest people in Britain has been recorded in last decade, a Sunday Times report revealed. This trend is reflected else where in the world where few people control whole resources. The rich class has common interests in acquiring businesses, manufacturing units and other trading means; they buy in pennies and sell in pounds. Leading Western brands in the garments, sports, leisure, and other fields have production units in far away places in
Asia where they pay labour workers in pennies. Sadly this well known fact is still going on and will continue to for years to come, as no body cares that the companies are earning billions of pounds and dollars.
Fair Trade is new phrase invented by the competing brands; their slogan is “a better deal for the third world producers.” Supermarkets that buy a variety of food produce at cutting prices from Africa, Asia and
Latin America sells to public at multiplying prices.
 The business organisations are portraying themselves as champion of donors to the third world. These multinational companies are involved in humiliation of the workers.  

In third world countries the poor have no choice, but to sell their crafts to the rich, who earns profits 100 times by selling the remarkable pieces of embroidery, handicrafts, and decorations in the exhibitions.    In 1998-9 the then Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Nawaz Sharif, established grievances cell under Chairmanship of Zhaid Anwer Wahla a retired bureaucrat, who worked closely with communication minister Mushahid Hussain, to address the complaints of oppressed people in the country. This cell worked for approximately one year and resolved thousands of cases of various types that concerned the general public. A dispute aroused between minister and the chairman on use of power, which left the workers unpaid for their services that continued for one year.  Later in October 1999,  in a military coup the staffers were sent home for portraying their appearance in the office which was claimed to be illegal. M. A. Hashami, a volunteer aid worker, appointed director of the cell is still fighting for the salaries of underprivileged staffers, many of them have suffered worst conditions after been fired from job by their own military.  

Mushahid Hussain joined the military government and is currently a successful politician living lavishly. Zahid Anwer Wahla is in the queue to be a part of the new government. While the remaining ‘fat cats’ of the grievances cell made good deals during their stay. The effected staffers remain living in hope that somewhere some one could be a saviour for these oppressed helpless people. Such slow news stories exist in every part of the world, but this news is not addressed for the poor, it is for the rich to thrive off. The parents of these children wait for years, praying for the day their children will get a good enough job to be able to afford to buy them food.  In the third world countries harassment, unpaid working hours and personal abuses are common practices. Among the most badly treated are house servants who face sexual abuse and insulting behaviours. These are slaves whose voices are never heard. We might think so as the world marks the 200th anniversary of the slave trade, but in the year 2007 there still more than 12 million slaves living in conditions of terror, pain and cruelty inflicted by their fellow humans and shockingly between a quarter to half of these statistics are children.  Aidan McQuade delivered this terrifying and thought provoking statistics in an interview with Lions magazine in May 2007.    The abuse of work experience, vividly exposed by the National Union of Journalist’s recent survey, shows how the hopes of young graduates are being sabotaged. Those who completed work experience; 82 percent received no payment for their work. Health and safety measures are never been practices in the third world, where labourers wages are fixed by the employer, millions of people are living under the poverty line are victims of exploitation. The rises in commodities hardly ever match their wages. This is demonstrated by the small girls who sow day in day out without wearing a thimble, therefore prick and harm their fingers. This work is then purchased by the rich women who sell them at extortionate prices in five star hotels, separating the margins between the rich and poor even more.  

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