Ethics roundup

This morning the delegates discussed their motions on Ethics. The first motion passed concerned the perceived rise in Islamophobia that is current in the British press.

It was decided to instruct the National Executive Council to step up its anti-racist campaigns, and to circulate guidlines toward gaining conscience clauses in house agreements.

These ideas were reflected in the passing of several other similar motions, all of them being passed unanimously.

Code of Conduct

The Conference then went on to consider the N.U.J’s. draft Code of Conduct. This involves simplifying, clarifying and not expanding the document.

A long discussion was held on Clause 8 which deals with the relevant reporting of a person’s age, gender and ethnicity. The code was first written in 1936 and revised in the 1970’s.

A further motion was considered which asked journalists and photographers to refrain from doing each other’s work.

The penultimate motion instructed the N.E.C. to develop a campaign pack and relevant publicity which would promote the Union’s ethical approach to Public Relations as they apply to the members who work in  the N.H.S.
The last motion concerned reporting of HIV/AIDS and the ethics which are used by some journalists.

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