Campaigning organisations

A number of campaigning organizations have made their presence at the NUJ centenary conference. Among them were trade union councils, the Stop the War Coalition, Palestine Solidarity campaign, UN Refugee Agency, Cuba Solidarity Campaign, War on Want, Search Light 2007 Campaign and Thompsons Solicitors.

The representatives looked very active during the three day centenary celebration at Holiday Inn Birmingham, the birthplace of the NUJ.

Stop the War Coalition organized talks to discuss issues including Islamophobia, the media and the “War on Terror”.

Stop the War brought leading  speakers including Michelle Stanistreet, Steve Usher from Express and Star, Andrew Murray (Chair, Stop the War Coalition), NEC member Pete Murray, and other important speakers during their talks.

Trade union councils, Cuba Solidarity Campaign, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Search Lights 2007 Campaign , Thompsons Solicitors, War on Want, and UNHCR Refugee Agency messages were taken well by the participants who contributed towards to the fund raising activities of these organizations.

The organizations distributed leaflets and informed participants about their upcoming events.

Palestine Solidarity Campaign announced that a National Demonstration and Rally in London will take place on 9th of June 2007.

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