Motion for Photographers’ Organiser remitted

The Freelance Industrial Council’s motion to appoint a Photographers’ Organiser was remitted this morning.

Pete Jenkins’ appeal sparked heavy debate from both sides, highlighting that this is a controversial issue that may well will live to see another ADM.

Many feel the 2,500 photographers that make up the union need an official dedicated to their specific demands.

In support of the motion, Jennifer Murray said that the creation of a Photographers’ Organiser would free up officials who spend a disproportionate amount of their time on matters concerning photographers.

Also in appeal for an independent representative for photographers, a Nottingham delegate spoke out about his recent experience with the police: “A representative with professional knowledge of photography would have assisted my case when I was arrested 14 months ago,” he said.

Opposing members called for remittance on the basis that motion 77 was passed in order to enable a comprehensive staffing review. This will take into account the needs of photographers in line with all other NUJ members.

Peter Murray from the NEC said that it was important not to “ghettoise” photographers, seperating them from the rest of the union and taking work and money away from other sectors.

At a time when digital convergence is blurring the traditional divide between press, broadcast and online journalism, NUJ delegates decided that issues must be faced as a whole body.

Seamus Dooley of the Official’s Chapel said: “When we move together in unity, all members will get the service they deserve.”

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