What I hope to get out of the ADM – or why I am here.

After I read the NUJ conference blog last year I wanted to participate at the NUJ conference blog.

Also, one motion of last year was highly discussed in our online community and I have been wanting to find out more about it, as well as the NUJ’s decisions and attitudes towards user generated content and citizen journalism.

I always appreciated the NUJ’s support for Indymedia, for example when the FBI took the harddisks away at Rackspace in 2004, or when the Indymedia Access Centre was attacked in Genoa or Indy folks got arrested or there were legal threats against the open publishing site or similar.

Of course there are many reasons to go to this ADM. One aspect is of course the slight holiday factor – meeting like-minded people, get to see and experience Birmingham, do a little bit of sightseeing, getting to stay in a hotel and have a little bit like a holiday with intelligent entertainment, as well as being able to meet up with friends living in and around Birmingham.

Also of course I want to learn from other people’s experience and about the practical difficulties in different types of journalism jobs and how they are handled.

It will be good to get to know and meet the union decision makers and people whom I might rely on in future and so build up a bit of trust for when I’ll run into difficulties.

I am also curious to find out how much practical relevancy, influence, effects and importance the decisons made at the annual meeting have.

There is also an opportunity to find out a bit more about union history and get to know other members of Edinburgh union apart from freelancers.

This event will also feature discussions if student branches are a good idea or not and what experiences are made in other universities and cities and branches.

Maybe it is also possible to get even more inspired for my dissertation topic about alternative media.

A job or work experience opportunity arising would be excellent, but unlikely.

And I am very keen on intelligent, socio-political discussion and debates to hear a variety of points of views and think about it and the world.

It will be good to meet people in person whom I have read about in The Journalist or got to discuss online.

Hopefully we’ll get to know the union’s politics a bit more in depth and catch new ideas and inspiration to put these in practice. It is also always fun to get to know the profession and it’s representatives.

Also I am particularly interested in New Media, user generated content and citizen journalism.

Additionally it is a good way to make some more contacts. Maybe it will be even possible to talk to someone famous such like John Pilger or so.

I will be fun to hear some more background info on some of the motions, and listen to the statements of the Annual Report and ADM agenda.

We might also be able to learn new skills.

And I want to find out why students can’t vote and what happens to unemployed journalists in the union.

It will be good to find out about voting procedures.
And finally the main point for attending is to satisfy my curiosity, my basic urge and need to feel informed and to know what’s going on.

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