The longest Yard – NRP’s Profile

Who – Nick Rostron-Pike alias (NRP)

What – Broadcast Journalism student, freelance journalist and broadcast assistant at talkSPORT.

When – 12th – 15th April 2007

Why – Instead of writing a dissertation and revising for copious amounts of exams, I feel its essential to abuse my body in the best way possible, a weekend away with journalists.

How – Well there’s a story there. After being so grateful to receive free transport to Birmingham from my beloved hometown of London, I found myself at half past nine standing on Lemington Spa train station with a large coffee and a strange expression. Not only did the train suddenly announce its cancellation and return to the bright lights and comparative normality of London, but also appeared to spew out the oddest mix of people.

We had sports fans, horrendously drunk women and one rather scared and hung-over trainee hack. After negotiating the accent I managed to work out that my best bet was wait for the Virgin train service through to Birmingham New Street, arriving in around an hours time. Then it hit me. I only had my free pass valid on Chiltern trains, would I have to pay or could I blag my way through on the Virgin service?

After waiting an hour and a half and having successful negotiated my ailing hangover I found my seat on the train. Another forty minutes past and no sign of the ticket inspector. I had won, yes NRP strikes again! But arriving at New Street that sickening feeling returned, I remembered the ticket barriers! Slowly approaching, I smiled my broadest beam and explained my situation, in the end my friend Dave (the ticket inspector) came to my rescue because it appeared he had less interest in the piece of paper than most ADM delegates in soft drinks.

So I had arrived, late, tired and still with a full day of the student conference in front of me. But still, to me it’s a minor achievement.

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