The Irish Student Delegation experience

As a student in University College Cork, I have to admit I didn’t know much about the NUJ before attending the student conference yesterday – apart from the fact that they were a trade union who supported journalists in Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales. Unfortunately, there is not strong (or any, to be honest) NUJ representation in Cork, which myself and my fellow Cork student delegate Ian Power now hope to change.

I am a member of the Journalism Society and Committee in my university, holding the position of events coordinator, though really doing a bit of everything. The society is newly established, and we held the first ever journalism conference in UCC in November of last year.

Here comes the recruitment bit: for anyone who would be interested in attending our second conference (November 15th 2007) please, please, please get in contact with me so I can organise a ticket for you! I’ve met so many fantastic people since I arrived and everyone has been so interesting, it would fantastic if you wanted to attend.

Student bonding

All student delegates who had to travel from anywhere but London had a great chance to bond yesterday!

We arrived at 11am, the initial start time for the student conference, and were swiftly sent out to occupy ourselves while the poor Londoners were forced to negotiate the mess that was the rail system.

Being a girl, I quickly teamed up with a student delegate from Cornwall, Lucy, and hit the shops – like any professional journalist would do, I’m sure. 

After maxing out the credit cards we came back to more waiting, which was actually quite fun as more people had arrived. 

We finally began at 2pm and the organizers had a lot of interesting topics to discuss with us. The business of the day seemed to be  over quickly and so the drinking began.

Surprisingly it was a quiet night – in fact, I think our facilitators had a later night than we did!

But before you lose faith in the younger generation’s ability to relax, know that the plan for the rest of the weekend seems to include Oceana and copious amounts of drinking.


At the ADM this morning the President and the General Secretary spoke. As the president’s comments have already been discussed I’ll briefly go into what Jeremy said for anyone who missed it.

The secretary expressed his pride for the NUJ members who recently took strike action at the BBC, in a successful action against compulsory redundancy there.

He went on to describe further strike action, including the recent strike within the Daily and Sunday Telegraph against making Saturday a compulsory work day for their journalists.

Mr. Dear holds the position that NUJ members must show solidarity against cut backs in the future, as by working together journalists have a real ability to make a difference and can “once more become a force to be reckoned with”.

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