NUJ in ‘time for speeches’ betting shame

For too long, journalists have been known as liars, cheats and swindlers. They have been accused of making stories up, imitating facts and adding two and two together and making five.

Well let’s not break with tradition.

I can only report on what I have heard, what I know and what I think can be made up and passed as reasonable fact…

This trainee hack, on unpaid work experience at the NUJ conference, is under the impression that high class and complex betting circles are being operated from within the NUJ.

Earlier today, during the ‘Annual Report Section 1’ – that actually translates to the General Secretary’s ramble, shout and ‘have a go at the government’ report for the year – none other than Jeremy Dear admitted to being involved in lurid betting circles.

When asked about the rumours surrounding the claims, which is simply betting on the amount of time speakers will talk for, he let slip a damning statement. ‘ I’m just waiting for a signal from my far eastern betting syndicate before I stop.’

It was hard to see, but there was a definite wink to the outgoing and much-loved member of the NUJ, Bob Norris.

This might appear to be nothing more than a sign of friendship had I not had a conversation with Bob yesterday where he stated he had just returned from Antigua.

Some of the non-sporting amongst us will again presume that after a life dedicated to journalism and the NUJ, he was merely enjoying a well-earned rest.

Think again. The Cricket World Cup is currently taking place in the West Indies and, according to some, has the most open displays of match and sport fixing in sport.

I don’t know whether lost earnings forced Norris into the shocking act of gambling on order papers but this must be exposed. I could lose my acreditation over this.

The views stated are those of NRP and are no way related to the NUJ.

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