I arrived in Birmingham on Wednesday. I quickly settled in and started to get to know some of the others at the conference.

I always pictured journalists as people wearing suits, glasses and speaking in a very sophisticated manner, but I soon realised this was not the case. They were all pretty relaxed and down to earth.

It is the first time I am attending a conference this size and I have found it really interesting. The first day we mostly spoke about the exploitation of students on work experience. I recorded the event where we were discussing this issue with the secretary general and others. I will try to post the audio on this site.

My personal experience is that my employer was really good to me, I even got paid a little for the work I did. I phoned newsdesks, updated the database for the company, loads of interesting stuff.

I also went to the meeting in the church on Thursday evening, I exchanged contact details with some of the organisers.

In the evening I went out for a few drinks which were so so so so so cheap £1.25 a pint(!) for a Carling. In the end I could not resist and went over the limit, so I had pretty mixed feelings about getting up at 6am for the breakfast meeting with the Birmingham Post.

Anyways I did so in the end, and chatted with the Mayoress of Birmingham, listened to the Deputy Chairman of Ofcom and – most importantly – had breakfast which I desperately needed…

I then went on a walking tour to visit the local BBC and ITV headquarters. We walked around the studios and newsrooms, basically all around the building.

I arrived back at the Holiday Inn around 12pm, just in time for the appointment of the Honorary Members of the NUJ.

We had lunch at one again, now I am writing this blog thing and I am going to have tea with the Mayoress again this afternoon in about an hour so I better get going.

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